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Online Millionaire Mentor, Joel Bauer Is Excited That His Students And Graduates Will Never Have To Pay For A Web-Site, Sales Funnel, Payment Gate-Way, Or Affiliate Program Ever. 

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"I am not a technical person -- nor is anyone in my sphere -- Joel gifted me all the tools, and training to attract and enroll virtually anyone -- my first sale was a no-brainer..."

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"Joel removes all the trial and error out of the recruiting process -- awarding us everything we need to succeed as a profitable short-term/long-term affiliate. The money is rolling in now..."

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Let Me See If I Can Read Your Mind?

Joel Bauer & Associates, Inc. is not a division of Groove Digital. We, just like you have invested in Groove Digitals Lifetime Platinum Opportunity -- due to our friend Mike Filsaime's track record as an Internet Online Integrated Solutions Developer, and the DREAM-TEAM of partners and coding experts he's invested in -- and the sound initial tools that have already been developed and deployed. My company is not qualified to provide tech-support, as that is not our expertise. We are online/offline marketing-conversion strategists. Affiliates signed up under me will receive potential ongoing webinar/workshops/training/templates+ like this page you are on now and it's method of automated delivery when someone signs up with your link (just one example). The training gifted here with download assets package has already generated over $122,000.00 within 16 days of Joel Bauer signing up -- effortlessly. Do not request support from my company now or in the future concerning Groove Digital Products and/or processes, as they provide massive ongoing support through their Facebook Group Page, Digital Academy, and regularly scheduled live interactive webinar training/s. I would urge you to do the following:

Please join Eric and Debbie's FaceBook Private Group -- for FREE initial onboarding support videos that are simple and empowering…


If you are looking for an absolute guarantee of financial/brand/self-esteem success through the GrooveDigitalDashboard of integrated (BETA-Now-On-Many) online applications -- no one can give you this. This is not a magic wand you've invested in that does all the thinking/work for you -- you will need to explore, interact with others in the GrooveDigital community who are succeeding/monetizing, and most importantly -- KNOW what you want -- what is your VISION/DREAM? What I do feel assured of -- is that Mike Filsaime, his partners and staff are 100% building the Singular Digital Dashboard Portal that I, and other self-made Digital millionaires have dreamed of -- this is Mike's baby -- he's unstoppable now! Your best moves now -- are to Download My Assets Above, and watch each of my carefully orchestrated videos in order that will get set-up and able to generate profit online by simply sharing and caring -- enjoy!

There has never been, and We believe will never be -- software/applications that will not present challenges and changes -- often based on ever changing operating systems, browsers, servers, and conflicting software, and updates you may already own. You -- like us are making what I believe to be -- an AMAZON investment move (at tiny founders price) as a Digital Marketer -- able to go anywhere is the world you have a connection -- run, support, and nurture your customers, friends, and family -- how amazing is that?

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Free GroovePages, Sell, & Affiliate / No Credit Card Required

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*You do not have the right to use any of Joel Bauer's resources concerning marketing or positioning Groove Digital in any manner

online/offline unless you are enrolled under Mr. Bauer's Affiliate number, or under an affiliate enrolled under Mr. Bauer.

There are no exceptions, as all of Mr. Bauer's intellectual Property is valuable and legally protected.

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